New Measurement Equipment
High Resolution Impedance Spectroscopy with Inphaze EIS System.
Eurpoeanwide distribution by Inphaze UG (haftungsbeschränkt). For more information please contact

New Project:
New project about hydrogen storage and fuel cells.
For more information see Hydrogen&FuelCells

Neues Messgerät:
Wir haben ein neues Messgerät zur Messung der Eigenschaften und Effektivität von TEG entwickelt. Infos können Sie unter anfordern.

Measurement devices

High Resolution Impedance Spectroscopy with INPHAZE HR EIS System

Hochauflösendes Impedanzspektrometer Inphaze HR EIS PANCO GmbH and KUNZ Consult have taken over europeanwide service and distribution of INPHAZE High Resolution EIS System.
INPHAZE High Resolution EIS System allows analysis of structures and layers on molecular level. The system is proven in industry and research in fields of application like: Membranes, Nanotechnology, Bioengineering, Solarcells and Semiconductors.
The high resolution, especially phase resolution down to 0,001°, is one of the unique features of this product, which allows analysis of structures at molecular level. Specially developed and customizable sample chambers allow accurate and reproducable results in a variety of applications.
PANCO GmbH has taken over service, technical support, installation and training, and offers sample measurements.

A product overview is shown in the INPHAZE Brochure. For inquiries please contact sales[at]



Meßgerät_TEGeta Measurement equipment TEGeta. With this unit not only thermal and also electrical properties of material can be estimated, especially the efficiency of thermoelectric power generators can be measured.

Specifications on request according to customers preferences.












DTA-TG To measure material properties as melting point or enthalpy we own a DTA (Differential Thermo Analysis) with an integrated thermo balance (TG Thermo Gravimetry). Via the temperature dependent change of the samples mass under different atmospheres or in vacuum it is possible to investigate chemical processes or the long term stability of a material.






Metal Microscope

Metallmikroskop Metal Microscope for investigation of fine structures or contacts at new materials




Multifunctional Digital Voltmeter

Metallmikroskop To test facilities in use a measurement equipment has been set up to acquire data in up to 40 channels (temperature, voltage, current, resistance, frequency) quasi simultaneous. With an adequately software the time dependency of the data can be collected in a computer. This measurement system is even suitable fort he mobile use.



Potential Seebeck Mikroprobe PSM

Metallmikroskop For simultaneous measuring the spatial resolution of the Seebeck-coefficient and the electric potential. This measurement system has been developed in cooperation with the Institute of Materials Research of the German Aerospace Centre DLR and is distributed worldwide.


More info:

Potential Seebeck Mikroprobe PSM


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