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High Resolution Impedance Spectroscopy with Inphaze EIS System.
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New Project:
New project about hydrogen storage and fuel cells.
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The Company

The company PANCO GmbH - Physics Technology, Development and Consulting is working mainly in the field of development and application in measurement technique and thermoelectrics. That is the development of complex measurement devices for physical properties but also control units and facilities for research and industry using physical effects. We are specialists with thermoelectrics as cooling or heating techniques and thermoelectric power generation and we have huge experience (and publications) in materials science, measurement technology and thermoelectric materials for sensors, Peltier devices and power generation. We made prototypes for many thermoelectric applications and have also very good contacts to manufacturers.



In close collaboration with international companies we offer to our customers a broad spectrum of experience and competence. Our partners are:
LOT-Oriel GmbH & Co. KG (cn, tw, kr, jp)
PSI Technics Ltd.
TermoGen AB
Trier University of Applied Sciences

Furthermore we have an excellent relationship to the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and many other research institutes and universities, with whom we collaborated in, e.g., european funded projects "NanoThermel", "EDEN" and "NEXTEC".




PANCO GmbH divides into three departments:


1. Development of facilities

Mülheim-Kärlich Our main task is the development of measurement devices, new facilities and products using the advantages of thermoelectrics as there are long life, reliability and thermoelectric devices are maintenance-free. We are specialists in thermal engineering and refrigeration as well as individual customer preferences.

In a time of an increasing environmental awareness and the worldwide acceptance of the Kyoto protocol the question arises how to use the energy sources more efficient. Consequently, electrical power generation from waste heat using thermoelectric power generators is one of our expertises.

In projects or orders with different schedules and costs a broad spectrum of tasks can be worked on.


2. Sales of products

verkaufWe distribute single components for cooling technique as Peltier devices of different size, heatsinks, PID- controller etc., but also assembled solutions like cooling devices including heatsink and control.

peltier  kühler


3. Consulting

consulting We offer our advisory service for companies dealing with thermoelectrics or measurement facilities. We will find solutions for detailed problems up to complete developments. The huge experience of CEO Dr. Dieter Platzek with development of facilities and the application of thermoelectric devices can be used to help solving your problems with such facilities. Our team will also advise you in the field of electronics, data acquisition and the programming of controller units.


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