New Measurement Equipment
High Resolution Impedance Spectroscopy with Inphaze EIS System.
Eurpoeanwide distribution by Inphaze UG (haftungsbeschränkt). For more information please contact

New Project:
New project about hydrogen storage and fuel cells.
For more information see Hydrogen&FuelCells

Neues Messgerät:
Wir haben ein neues Messgerät zur Messung der Eigenschaften und Effektivität von TEG entwickelt. Infos können Sie unter anfordern.


Consulting of companies or institutes dealing with thermoelectrics or measurement devices.

The huge experience of CEO Dr. Dieter Platzek with development and application of thermoelectric devices can be used for your solutions. Further skilled workers in our team are at your disposal in the fields of electronics, data acquisition and programming to complete solutions.


If you have a problem with a measurement device or are developing or need a facility that can use thermoelectric devices (Thermoelectric Power Generators or Peltier devices) call or mail us. We will discuss the problem and PANCO GmbH will assist you for a solution.

Of course confidential!


For a cooling application you don´t have room for a compressor unit or vibrations would disturb. We will find a solution to save room with the Peltier technique - vibrating not at all.

You need a very accurate temperature controlling. We will find a solution to fulfil your specifications with electrical very accurately controllable Peltier technique.

You want to measure a physical property, but don´t know whether you exhausted all possibilities for accuracy. We will check your facility, will enlarge if necessary, and give a report.

The consulting can of course be expanded to a complete development.


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