New Measurement Equipment
High Resolution Impedance Spectroscopy with Inphaze EIS System.
Eurpoeanwide distribution by Inphaze UG (haftungsbeschränkt). For more information please contact

New Project:
New project about hydrogen storage and fuel cells.
For more information see Hydrogen&FuelCells

Neues Messgerät:
Wir haben ein neues Messgerät zur Messung der Eigenschaften und Effektivität von TEG entwickelt. Infos können Sie unter anfordern.

Development of facilities

The development of measurement devices, innovative facilities and products particularly using thermoelectric effects are the main goal of PANCO GmbH. Within projects or orders of different duration and costs PANCO GmbH can develop special measurement equipment or refrigerating or heating machines. Also production of electrical power from waste heat with thermoelectric power generators is a task of PANCO GmbH.

You need a temperature control for a special application? With Peltier devices the temperature can be controlled neat and precise only with controlling the electrical current. We develop devices suitable for your specifications.

You would like to measure a certain physical property? We develop the suitable measurement device.


Some examples:

Installation_Schaltschrank Complex temperature measurement at many positions of your application: With suitable temperature sensors and a complete data acquisition system we show the temperature profile on your monitor.





Netzwerkverteiler Cooling of a small electronic cabinet. The energy saving compared to the conventional method, an unnecessary air conditioning of the room, is about 85%.





Klimaanlage Air conditioner for small cars. (exhibited at FISITA 2004/2005 in Barcelona)





Wasserstoffspeicher Prototype of a hydrogene storage tank based on metal hydrides. Together with a control unit for humidity and temperature such tanks can provide the fuel, e.g., for fuel cells.













PSM Prototype of the Potential-Seebeck-Mikroprobe PSM to measure the spatial resolution of the Seebeck-coefficient and the electric Potential (electrical conductivity) at the same time.





Meßgerät_TEGeta Measurement equipment TEGeta. With this unit not only thermal and also electrical properties of material can be estimated, especially the efficiency of thermoelectric power generators can be measured.













Demonstrator Demonstrator for a Thermoelectric Power Generator TEG, producing an electrical current.





Control of a hydraulic hot uniaxial press
Air conditioned transport box for museum
Seebeck Mikroprobe SMP to measure the spatial resolution of the Seebeck-coefficient
. . .



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